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Reasons Why You Should Invest in Harris Wood Floors   


There are many reasons why people are buying wood floors these days even though it has been around for quite some time.  


The first reason is the price. The price is excellent for the high quality you will get with wood flooring. There are different prices of wood floors so you should be able to find a hardwood floor that will match your budget. Perhaps you only want to put hardwood flooring in the bedrooms of your home at this time. You can always save up more money and add your kitchen hardwood floor at a later date.  


Harris Wood Floors

Harris Hand Scraped Wood


Some people choose hardwood floors over carpeting. The reason is hardwood floor is easy to do-it-yourself. You do not have to pay extra for labor cost to have someone else install it. If you take your time and follow the directions on how to install hardwood floors, you can do it so it looks as if a professional installed it.  


If you make a mistake have no fear. You can easily order another plank of wood to fix your mistake.  


Harris Highlands

Harris Rocky Mountain Hand Scraped


Hardwood floors are chosen over carpeting due to the fact that if something is spilled on it you can easily wipe it up. When you have carpeting, especially a lighter colored carpeting, stains will show up and they are more difficult to get rid of.  


If you have carpeting you can expect to shampoo it a few times per year. More than a few times per year if you have white carpeting or another light colored carpeting. If you have children and carpeting, you can expect to shampoo your carpeting quite often. With hardwood floors your floors will look gorgeous with minimal simple upkeep. 


Harris Traditions Engineered

Harris Craftique Tejas 


Once choice of hardwood flooring that you have is Harris Wood Floors. Harris Wood Floors come in Solid, Engineered Plank or Engineered Longstrip.  


In the solid selection you have your choice of Cornerstone Solid, Distinctions Solid, Passport Solid, Rocky Mountain Hand-Scraped and Traditions Solid. Each floor is just as beautiful as the next. Each one of these floors comes with a fifteen year or twenty five year finish warranty. Talk about a company that backs up their products.  


Triangulo Flooring

Triangulo Brazilian Cherry  


Harris Wood Floors are affiliated with the Better Business Bureau. You will feel confident that you have an excellent product. You will get many years of beauty with your Harris Wood Floors even if you have young children. When you think about how tough kids are on floors throughout their years growing up into the teen years, Harris Wood Floors is the way to go. Think of all the spills babies create, toddlers crawling around the floors, kids playing rough games in the house, teenagers working on cars and changing oil and drudging it into your home, etc.  


Harris Trailhouse Hickory 

Mullican Engineered Flooring

Homerwood Flooring


Do you love pets? If so, you can count on your wood floors to hold up to the test of time with pets running and walking on them. Not only will your wooden floors look gorgeous but they are extremely durable. When you purchase Harris Wood Floors you will get the best value for your money. Invest in Harris Wood Floors today for a beautiful home tomorrow.  


For more information on Harris hand scraped flooring please visit the links listed in this article.